Saturday, December 12, 2015

Sometimes, I Just Feel So


My thoughts are dark and evil every now and then; it's just better to nod your head and stay out of my way.
Not only evil, but obscenely evil.  I got the blues, and that's bad.
10,000 posts I could've written here, all NSFW you'll never see, because ... just because they're my thoughts, hateful, dark and vulgar, they remain unsaid yet constant, therefore unreleased from my soul.

Lately, both personally and for us Americans all, there has been not much good news, I'm scraping the bottom of the decency barrel, looking for inspiration, inspirational topics to post here.

fathers-to-be-these-days get the blues too, but nobody cares-- 
And just when everything begins to go wrong
with my well-structured blueprint for the future.
I must just press on, with smiley faces pasted onto my head, and utter just-enough kind-words to people, in order just to get them the hell out of my presence, then back to the squishy comfort of my miserable mood.

Until it passes, which it will.

                                                           Eventually.                                                                In a year or                                                                1000, So                                                                    what's the difference?

When will my hollow words kick in?  I'm ready to feel good again~

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