Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Syed Farook and Tayyeep Bin Ardogan-
Named as the San Bernardino Terrorists

CORONA, California — 
Law enforcement officials have identified Syed Farook as one of the suspected shooters who attacked a center for the disabled in San Bernardino, California, according to NBC News. The Daily Beast has learned that the police have just executed a search warrant at a Redlands, California address—
53 North Center Street, Redlands, CA., an address that belongs to the Farook family, according to public records.

Once I heard the address of the SWAT team's search warrant, 53 No. Center, Redlands, CA., I went to Google Maps with that information, and guess what I found?  A photo of the duplex-home being invaded tonight, as well as a photo of the black SUV parked in front, in the street~!

Police pursued a black SUV leaving from the Redlands address, Chief Jarrod Baraugan said at a Wednesday evening press conference. A male and female suspect were inside the vehicle, and both of them have been killed. Both of the suspects were armed with assault rifles and handguns, Baraugan said. Police have apprehended a third man, but have not identified his relation to the attacks yet.

Later tonight, the third suspect has been identified as Tayyeep Bin Ardogan, a citizen of Qatar.

When the victims are identified, how many of them will be classified as physically or mentally disabled? 
And how will Zerobama and
the Liberals respond, then?? 

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