Saturday, December 19, 2015

"The Claw", A Horror Story,
50 Years In the Making

Abnormal people are born every day, it's mostly sad to say- but loving, wonderful parents and friends make the lives of these people worthwhile and productive.

But there are those few individuals who, for whatever reason, choose to revel in their darker, devilish malevolence throughout their lives.  This is the story of one of those persons, for whom wholesale evil, murder and lying have become the norm for her, in her lifelong drive for personal glory and recognition.


She knew what she wanted, even if the prize was always just-beyond her grasp. That didn't matter--
She knew how to be elsewhere when the blood flowed.  She knew how to obfuscate and deny her involvement: 
Even if she had to plead incompetence, for just a moment or two.  Because she had back-up, always: Reliable people born for/to, who would always describe her as the most brilliant woman ever to be born, "alias God's Gift to Earth"

She first chose to rebel against her nation's established way of life, during the 1960s, while attending Wellseley College, where she demanded that she become the first commencement speaker, a Valedictorian, in the College's history.  Her insistent demands to be thus, are remembered by no more than 3 (three) former Deans and Presidents of Wellseley.  Did she threaten them in some way?

Death follows this woman, or perhaps, Death Accompanies This Woman, where ever she goes, because the number of people who have died unexpectedly, weirdly, oddly is huge, no matter who, or how esteemed they'd been during their lives. 

She admits to being 'sick and tired' of using her Claw:

And Now, this woman, this conniving Beast is coming around again, with veiled threats again, benefited from her successes of the past, yet staying just above and beyond the suspicion of her bloody, deadly mayhem, thanks to her well-developed 'friends' in the media.

Ghastly, Whorish, Devilish, Evil, is The Claw in her Endeavors to achieve her goal~, of partial World dominance, of monetary control, of becoming a supreme evil queen,  regarding not the well being of her fellows,but only thinking of herself, and her perceived destiny.


LSP said...

Terrifying prospect... We must defeat The Claw.

Ron Page said...

BINGO that!! I'm doing my part, small as it is~

Best of luck, and Merry Christmas, LSP~!!