Saturday, December 26, 2015

Your Own, Personal Vortex

"The Sun is Like A Comet, Dragging the Planets In It's Wake"

This video is both breathtaking, and thought stimulating! 
What If everything that we thought about our Solar System is Wrong, fundamentally Limited in scope?

What if our Sol, our Sun, is barreling through space around the Milky Way's center, hurtling like some mighty Grecian Alexander, forging his/our way through uncharted Space, and followed by swirling, adoring planets, 1 through 10?  Mercury through 'Nibiru'? 
Yeah, Nibiru makes its appearance in this theoretical outer space video~!

Dazzling video, even somewhat erotic,
and so thought-provoking an idea, ...

But It's Incorrect. There is no evidence whatsoever that our Sol leads its planets in anything other than a 3-dimensional, flat orbit around the Milky Way's center.  
Besides, if this were true, then we Earthlings would always be on the trailing butt-face of Sol, which isn't so, according to our helio-static satellites.

Yeah sorry, but if our Sol was leading the pack of planets through space as this video illustrates, then our starry nights would have more than fundamentally, visually changed over the years:
The constellation Orion would be altered, the Big Dipper would appear flattened, the Southern Cross would eventually become a Southern Pentagram.
And besides, the Earth is Flat.  Deep-pan Pizza flat~  LoL

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