Sunday, January 24, 2016


January 16, 2016--  I will be taking a much longer break from blogging 
this midwinter/early spring than I've let on
because We are moving~!!

My wife and me have sold our home in Yanush to a lovely, young, immigrant Muslim couple from Qatar and Pakistan, and we two+ are going to move into a newer, larger home in LeFlore County, Ok. 

Effective late January.
So I will be away for awhile, until AT&T U=verse connects us to the InterWebSuperHighway-- they claim it will be on Febuary 2
............, but they wouldn't say which year.

This is a big movement for me, I'm such a huge, stodgy POS, after all -- 
I trust that we will land in a fresh area, awash with Conservative minds like ours.
Leticia holds all the cards that I care about: A-O.

I can tell you that we WILL have one of the most stunning, 4BR views of Indian land, that we've ever seen:  Not anywhere near flooding, snake-infested waterholes anymore,
but on the northeast side of the biggest hill you ever saw~!

My own plans include a Move for you followers, Too:  to the bigger and better, the 'New and Improved', as seen on TVLocal Malcontent bloggie/websitie~

Bear with me please, just awhile [AGAIN], as we get adjusted.
~ ~So, signing out for now, Your Loving Malcontents~!

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