Sunday, January 17, 2016

Last-Chance Measure For Desperate Candidate Hillary

It struck me late last night, that the Clintons have the ultimate weapon to use to further their political cravings; and it bears mentioning also, that they've already used it before successfully, toward their goal.

Any cognizant American has witnessed how that couple wields power and political will, utilizing any option necessary to achieve their goal of political history.  Secretary Ron Brown. Vince Foster. Billy Shelton and Kathy Ferguson.
Ed Wiley.  

DEATH is the greatest Unequal Opportunity Deployer.

Now while I do not hope or wish or predict this to happen, nevertheless, it is well within the realm of possibility, even within the realm of probability considering these two, that ....

Bill "Bubba" Clinton may pass away this year, sadly, unexpectedly, untimely.  Leaving his grieving widow to run for President - - all alone by herself, and her pregnant daughter.

Me personally, I kinda like Bubba, the rogue, playboy President.  And, I think that his predilection for other women than Shrillary is fair game for all other candidates to attack, and therefore,

according to Rules For Radicals author, Saul Alinsky, every threat must be eliminated, Bill Clinton must suddenly pass from this world, so that Hillary can become the Penultimate Victim, and for whom the only possible solace would be to be elected President of the United States.

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