Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Our Last Night in This Old House

The 'For Sale' signs did not stand up for long~ it took less than two weeks for our real estate man (Ralph at SEOK Reality) to find us qualified buyers, Muslims from Pakistan & Qatar.

Then the race began on December 14th:  Between beating the sellers' buying acumen and getting qualified for our own new home purchase, and dodging all the Holidays.
But I knew a secret way of using the sellers down payment as our own, their close as our equity-buy, so it was only a matter of timing it all just right.

'Goodbye, Sardis Lake/Swamp; Goodbye, Yanush; Goodbye Latimer County; Goodbye, my home for the past 22 years:

Hello again, Poteau; actually Shady Point, Oklahoma; Hello, brand new home! 
Hello brand new Mortgage!
We Are There~!, waiting on the AT&T people.

Signing Off Temporarily for now-- Ron and Leticia Malcontent


Cathy Monroe said...

Good luck in your new home. Enjoy!

The Local Malcontent said...

Cathy, Thank you for your kind wishes, after one month here in Poteau, today, I'm remembering my other house as a caveman's place, but with really good memories.

Shorter driveway, no gardens yet, no shuttered chicken coop, no real lawn yet, we have a much smaller, fenced backyard where a tot can play and grow up; we have neighbors next door, real close; and I guess best of all, we have a small city with amenities close by, like a Wally World, and a couple supermarkets.

Most definitely, a feminine move, most definitely a family move~