Friday, February 26, 2016


Light and Sound, Signifying Nothing

Clearly his Crowd Loved It today in Rubio's Town Hall meeting, his response~

Also in Georgia, in Texas, in Oklahoma, in Arkansas, in New Mexico~

Bring It Home, Conservatives !!  Expose the Paper Tiger-Trump for what he is,
& now Light that Fire underneath him.
Smoke Him Out~!

It was so beautiful, seeing Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz jointly attacking the presumptuous leader of the Republican field of Presidential candidates, last night!

Watching Donald Trump waving his arms furiously, between his two conservative contenders was exquisite for me; watching Mr. Trump do nothing more than recite his practiced, tired lines and hurl the same old, unimaginative fart-bombs of "liar, liar, liar" to Cruz, and "baby, baby, baby" to Rubio, on a national stage.

Not unlike a Roman Candle, amazing and awe-inspiring---
at the beginning,
pooting out harmlessly at the end, is candidate Donald J. Trump.

Trump = Poot = Poof.  Flash In The Pan.
Nothing of Consequence.


Anonymous said...

Interesting that those people I know who have a finely honed BS detector are refusing to support Trump. Good man.

The Local Malcontent said...

Likewise, Partner!