Thursday, February 18, 2016

~Regarding A Really Touchy Subject~

The Trouble With Being The Pioneer

A pioneer's name will always be remembered, and his/her actions... Uh, not so much.  

Nobody will ever know his name, but a U.S. service MAN, who allegedly served in Afghanistan, and endured/suffered a very life-changing deformation from an IED explosion, will receive the first American penis organ transplant.

We all wish him the very best success~!~!

Because there is no more personal part to and for a man than his 'manhood', this news is vitally important, and yet for this particular procedure, in it's infancy, 

We must all hope and pray for this unnamed American soldier's successful transplant surgery.

**And all the other soldiers who may have that needed surgical procedure.
**I am an organ donator, according to my OKDL, but where does the line cease??  I thought my kidneys, my bone marrow, my lungs maybe.... but now my wingding?  Let's talk some actual cash then, for my survivors.

This is a weird, touchy subject for most living men:  Not to mention the living men who could be needful of such transplantations~  "... you got a v--ix -incher to replace my former state record?"  OR the Obverse, "Holy Cow, what is this, does it come with a mircoscope?"
They/We Guys come in different ..uh, ... uh, .... varations, to say the least~..~!

Would one get to view, to visualize his proposed new Transplanted Dong?:  "is there a Video?"  

and Am I now suddenly (*unexpectedly) Circumcised
Or am I suddenly Uncircumcised?
No guy ever forgets his first 'love'.
(with respect)

Can I become more thicker?  Can I become longer?  
How many people need to help me now learn to use it?
Can I get more value due to my national loss?

If not, why not?

If yes, why yes??

"I've got some dead guy's phallus."  'because I lost mine in defense of America, which is in such lame decline worldwide, I am using another guy's d**k for the rest of my life...

That. Would. Suck.  That would remind me of my loss of my manhood, and the extension of someone else's line of family, despite ALL that the scientists/doctors promise to us~.

Yes, I'm calling 
you out, Halifax's Dalhousie University;

Rather than a friendly, circular  group of Understanding/Sympathetic guys, I fear that this exlusively mens' surgical decision will become a circular firing squad,
full of lies, bribes, deception, anguish, disappointment and ultimately, grief.

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