Saturday, February 27, 2016

Reminds Me of Reagan

I am throwing my support behind Senator Ted Cruz, C-TX
both in the upcoming 'SEC Super Tuesday' Primaries next Tuesday, but also for election overall,
for President of our
United States of America.

I don't believe all the vitriol being spewed by the media that Senator Cruz is unliked in Washington, but what the hell if he is??

I mean, that swamp is filled to the brim with corporate lobbyists who have bought and paid for most of our legislators to do their bidding, much to the great detriment of every individual American citizen.

That has gone on for Too Long, it's time for Tea Party Con-servatives and their candidate to bring America back to her well-grounded base:  Open and free markets, restrictive immigration (only the best/brightest stay), responsible spending cuts in so-called "social welfare", tax reform and lastly, a balanced, Federal budget.

Hell, only some things that any single family wants for itself, afterall~ ~!

I want our country, our nation to become great again, and I want that for you and your families too--

I want people to realize that dependence upon any government- be it Tribal, be it State, be it Federal,
puts a ring in your noses, and a rope around your necks, so that said government can lead you with, by demanding you prove, you provide, you submit to them your independence.

Ted Cruz is my candidate, I hope that you will choose to make him yours as well, because by God, this nation is headed into a sewer line, after being flushed by the Zerobama administration for 8 years.  Our nation needs this correction named Ted Cruz.

In your state's primary election, please Vote TED CRUZ.  And in November, vote him too~!


Anonymous said...

My county in Georgia had its precinct caucuses a week ago yesterday. 80% of those in attendance favored Ted Cruz.

I wasn't there because my wife and I have tax issues from her mother's estate and we had a meeting that day -- but it looks like I wasn't needed anyway.

The party desperately needs to close its primary elections and presidential nominating process; the polls for Tuesday's primary show Trump leading, and that isn't because of Republican votes.

The Local Malcontent said...

I wasn't aware Georgia was a caucus state until you said this. Though that is some good news for ya'll and for us and for all; CRUZ!

Not surprised that some Dems and some Indies support a conservative candidate in Georgia-- there aren't many Georgians I don't just love only for being southern bred.

You take good care, Kevin~! We WILL beat back this Liberal crap eventually, buddy.

Anonymous said...

Well, no. Delegate selection is via primary. The precinct caucuses are just for conducting party business.