Saturday, February 13, 2016

Now, the SHTF

Justice Antonin Scalia passed away today:  

The conservative, originalist Supreme Court Justice, 79, was found to have died in his sleep this morning, at the home of a true friend in west Texas, while on a quail hunting trip.

We pray for the comfort of Jesus Christ, to his widow Maureen, and to his nine children, to both his personal, and also to his professional, legacy, during this time of genuine mourning for a American leader.

And yet with that tragedy, our nation stands at a very historic moment in time; his loss is more than hugely pivotal this coming 13 months of a presidential election year.

But that musing must remain for tomorrow, whenever that comes; 
For when the smoke clears, whenever that comes.


far more personally, I did not plan to resume blogging here until after Valentine's Day, tomorrow, since this particular observance of Cupid is again, a(nother) very historic moment in time for me and my wife, and our unborn baby.

suffice it please, I AM coming back here, tomorrow, STILL A DAY EARLIER THAN I'D PLANNED, YOU'RE WELCOME, with 'ambitious' and joyful updates on our pregnancy and our move and my New Website to come.


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