Saturday, February 20, 2016

Street Cred For Bernie Sanders

It does seem that Presidential candidate Bernard Sanders, D-Socialist-Vt., really has the proof that he walked the walk as well as talked the talk of educational equality, at least for the past 53 years.

On the very eve of the Nevada caucuses, Senator Bernie Sanders has reinforced every claim to being a long time defender of racial equality with proof of his claims, from the Chicago Times, dated 1962, when the future Senator was just 21 years of age.

And I have to admit to sincere admiration for his courage for this cause, those many years ago.  That's why I sent $$ to his Presidential campaign earlier this morning also, to .

Here's a photo of the young Mr. Sanders being arrested by Chicago police on the Southside, when mobile trailers called "Willis Wagons" were about to be installed outside stately white classrooms as "School rooms for the Colored Kids" on 74th Street.

That Is Dedication, a long and substantial dedication to the most basic, humanitarian cause of all, childhood, equal education.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign managers have unveiled an equally dramatic photograph of a young Hillary Rodham, when she claims that she was crucified upon a cross for equal justice for Negros, just east of Jerusalem, Illinois:

Do we support Bernie Sanders for President of the United States?          OH HELL NO~!

We just want to mess with Hillary's feeble mind a little.  

CRUZ 2016

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