Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Outlook From 'Skyline Drive'

Well, after far more work than I expected for us to get into this new house, into a new town, 
    ~   and ME doing all the wife's work, too-- all the furniture moving, all the appliance hook-ups, all the groceryshopping, all the little this and that, we are settled in to a brand-new place here
on Skyline Drive in Pot-OK.

I am sorry for not being able to update for over 1-1/2 months, this bloggie; but our move out of Yanush, and our pregnancy is kinda overwhelming.  It took AT&T more than three weeks to get here to install our cable, phone and Internet (plus $600 up front).

The biggest most important agenda item to me now is our child; To hell with this Presidential election, until maybe June or July, when a Conservative candidate will be nominated and presented to the American public for its' approval. ~Then I'll chime in, although Texas Senator Ted Cruz gets contributions from the Malcontent Family....  And the Shrillary Clinton campaign will also get notice here, cough cough cough cough cough cough. ** Drug/alcohol-addicted threat as she is~

Just now, we both are at home enjoying 'Gilligan's Island' and "The Andy Griffith Show' reruns every morning on TVLand, and awaiting Fed-Ex deliveries.  I'm working a full-time schedule, but just managing to get started later in the morning from this new starting point in Pot-Ok.

And speaking of which, we are waiting on delivery of something called "Today's Mom Cozy Comfort Pregnancy Pillow", from Overstock(dot)com.  

To all the pregnant, single women out there, there is nothing more important than the protection and the development of your precious, unborn baby child in your womb;  Please don't choose to kill him/her, give them the opportunity to live, maybe to change American life, maybe to be the inventor of some life-saving drug or device for which they will become a famous, household name, known to everyone, generations from now~!

Children are our MOST IMPORTANT PRODUCT - - - And ones which need the most, bestest protection, education, feeding, and spiritual supplementation.  Include a Vibrant and loving Respect for our Creator, our God, in our children's instruction.  
Have a gentle pet, a cat or a dog or a parakeet in your homes, to show your child respect and love for animals; 

Maybe above all, GIVE YOUR NEWBORN THE CHILDHOOD THAT YOU WOULD HAVE WANTED FOR YOURSELF, and remember, always be more generous than usual to your child.

Leticia and I have learned what gender our child will be
(she's 6+ months along, now);
I will wait to reveal that news until May 16th, Leti's expected delivery date; 
Combinations of names now occupy the most part of my mind, 
"Opie" and "Gilligan" are presently at the top of my list~!
(Those are fit for girls too, right??)

The Outlook from Skyline Dr.,
the last house on the Right,
is perfect for a newborn child
arriving in mid-May, 2016.

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