Saturday, March 12, 2016

Bern The Place to the Ground

What Good IS Chicago, Anyway?

The Illinois city is the mainstay focus on Black on Black violence, shootings & killings-- not occasionally, not seasonally,
~why, only 120 murders so far, this year, 2016;
nearly 500 shot and wounded~
just on the 72nd day of the year (this, a sad record)!

When you think of Corrupt, lying politicians, it's Chicago~. Chicago is the home of well-known murderers Bill Ayres and his wife Bernadene Dorn, Barack and Michael Zerobama,
and home of Shrillary Clinton....  

The St. Valentine's Day massacre; John Dillinger; Al Capone; Mayors Richard Daly, Richard Daly, Jr., Rahm Emmanuel.

Vice and corruption is the natural state of affairs in Chicago.

Then there are their inept sports teams:  Losers, which represent their city very well.  And Illinois overall:   Bankrupt, Corrupt (only 4 out of their last 5 governors went to prison), 
New Home to illegal immigrants and to illegal drug dealers, since all the local politicians are on the take~

Who the Hell would want to live in Illinois??
And who the hell would ever choose to call 'Chicago' home
Think Cabrini Green housing project....

Lake Michigan stinks, the downtown stinks, O'Hare airport stinks, Midway airport stinks~  The weather there sucks too-- I keep hoping for a really large F-5 to roll through there each spring~

And now Chicago's finest- their Socialist-Communist tendencies unrestrained, come out to threaten Donald Trump at his rally yesterday.  What F--ing geniuses there are in Chicago~!

That demonstration of sheer ignorance and violence
against Trump likely handed him the presidency.

But I repeat myself~.

It is not lost on me, that 'Polish jokes' originated in the Windy City either.  Despite their state being named after an Indian tribe
(the Illinoi' tribe, not a bold tribe~
(think F-Troop's useless, ignorant "Hekawi")),
plus the fact that it is American soil after all,

I must ask, "Where the hell is al-Qaeda when you really need them~?"  "Where the hell is Mrs. O'Leary's cow, when you need her?"

Nuke Chicago. Bern it down.

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