Friday, March 25, 2016

IT REALLY IS "same story, different day"

Good Friday, 2016

So little has changed, since His Days; trying to bring the idea of universal brotherhood, love and holiness to mankind isn't easy-- if it were, then our Creator would not have needed to send His only Son to our world, to die SINLESS, for our multitude sins.

But what has changed since a Friday afternoon, thousands of years ago, is that mankind has another chance at Redemption, at Forgiveness, thanks to only one Man, one God-Man, Jesus Christ.

Oh sure, there have been several "johnny-come-lately" religions wanting followers to look elsewhere but that awe-ful cross on Calvary's hill:  Promoting "Peace" & claiming nonstop orgies in a paradise; or waiting for Aliens from the center of the galaxy to come back finally, and bring an end to our human discontent.
And who knows what tomorrow's 'made-for-TV' religion will include?

It won't include a verified Son of God named Jesus, who loved us so very much, to die a slow painful death for us, so to be the One to welcome us to His House when we pass from this earthly plane.
It could include Food Stamps though, and institutionally guaranteed baby killing or free HBO.

Real men 
love Jesus back.

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