Thursday, March 10, 2016

"Just a Minute;
It's For You~"

Today, March 10, is the 140th anniversary of the very first telephone call from inventor Alexander Graham Bell to his assistant Thomas Watson, on this date in 1876.

"Watson, come here - I need you." 

Women especially liked the early "party line" feature.... 

They've come in all shapes and sizes,
but the trend is smaller and smaller phones, 
and larger and larger phone bills~!

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Anonymous said...

There are companies that offer wi-fi calling (with one or more cell carriers for when there's no wi-fi); my father-in-law uses one. I looked into it but I don't care for the phone selection.

Which is why this has gotten my attention. There are obstacles -- current contract, don't have a compatible phone, my Google Apps account isn't eligible -- but if that last one is fixed by the time the first one is no longer an issue, I can buy a new phone.