Friday, March 11, 2016

ODE to Maple Syrup

MAPLE SURPLE on Toppa Anything !!

Can I Get an Amen from
the crowd? !!!!!!!!!!!!

On toppa pancakes, on toppa waffles, on toppa buscuits an' gravy, Oohhh Lawdy~!!

On toppa pork sausage, on toppa your bitter BBq sauce blend, on toppa ribs, Save me Jesus from eatin' sommore

Maple Surple on toppa smoked brisket, 
Whhhoooo Hooo~@!#W

On toppa a cup of Joe, on toppa cup of hot tea--
On toppa a Jim Beam hot toddy nightcap, or two, 
and plan to Be Gone Fo' Th Rest of th Night~!


Anonymous said...

I tend more toward horseradish, but it doesn't taste so good on hotcakes.

I'll confess that my favorite place for hotcakes -- Cracker Barrel -- makes 'em so good I use less syrup on 'em. The 'cakes are made, I think, from a coarser-grained flour, and the batter is extra-buttery. For some reason this causes the syrup to soak right in rather than run off.

Now, if only they made their scrambled eggs as good as Steak 'n Shake...

The Local Malcontent said...

Cracker Barrel, huh? Thanks for the tip Kevin! But I see that the only one within 50 miles of us is in Alma, Arkansas, home of Popeye Spinach, btw. Two or three around Oklahoma City, though;

What Leticia and I probably need to do, is come vacation someday in NW Georgia, and try Cracker Barrel's pancakes there?

Anonymous said...

When you're at an eatery in your area and you order "iced tea," do you get iced tea or do you get tawny sugar water?

When my wife and I get cut loose from here in a few years and we retire to God's country, it may take us years to stop ordering "unsweet."