Tuesday, March 15, 2016

On The t-Ides of March

Today is a pretty important day in determining the future course of our United States, with primaries in 5 big states:  Florida, Ohio, Missouri, North Carolina and Illinois.

And the political lies are everywhere, from nearly every candidate running for President, from Donald Trump to John Kasich to Shrillary and little Marco... all of them in a desperate attempt to sway the voters through lies.

Among the egregious lies is this one from billionaire business-man Trump:  Showing off an autographed baseball from Baseball legend Pete Rose, supposedly endorsing him.

Except that it never happened.  Another fraud by the Trump campaign?  Donald Trump posted this image on his Twitter account, claiming an endorsement by the all-time hit King from the Cincinnati Reds:

In a rebuttal to the claim, Pete Rose attorney disputed the claim to the valuable endorsement, and the valuable autograph too.  Lovingly lifted from the Washington Examiner(dot)com, this:

Pete Rose did not send GOP front-runner Donald Trump an autographed baseball, and he certainly didn't endorse the billionaire businessman, the all-time hit king's lawyer said Monday.

"Pete has made a point not to 'endorse' any particular presidential candidate," attorney Ray Genco in a statement. "Though he respects everyone who works hard for our country — any outlet that misinterpreted a signed baseball for an endorsement was wrong."

Trump posted a photo to social media this weekend claiming Rose had sent him an autographed baseball. The picture showed that the supposed gift had been inscribed with a message reading, "Mr. Trump, Please make America great again."

"Pete knows and has impressed upon me that, above politics, it's leadership and teamwork make all the difference. Both the left and right are Baseball fans — and it is those institutions and their people that make America exceptional," he added.

On the other side, candidate Hillary Clinton claimed once again on a televised 'Town Hall' meeting, that "... no Americans lost their lives in the liberation of Libya".

For the second presidential debate in a row, Hillary Clinton has gravely insulted the memory and the families of the four brave Americans hung out to dry at the Benghazi compound dead, after waiting in vain for air support as they defended a diplomatic facility under her supervision.
Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton committed her second gaffe in as many days on the campaign trail Monday night, claiming that the U.S. "didn't lose a single person" in Libya during her time as secretary of state.

... a truly stunning, and cruel, hateful statement from the elderly, well known pathological liar, Hillary Clinton~!


Anonymous said...

I suspect he only signs -- anyone can write a message over his signature.

The Local Malcontent said...

Like "Can I have a $5,000 line of credit at your casino, Donald? -Pete Rose"

Oh, I do understand- I bought an "autographed" OU football from their 1985 National championship year,back in 2000,, for $100 bucks.
Fake autographs~