Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Promises, Promises ....

Cruz Country~!

At this moment (8:45 pm), Ted Cruz has won two states on Super Tuesday: Texas and Oklahoma.

As I've said here on my bloggie for years, these two states really, truly are a different animal from the other 48- and in a couple hours or so, I can add to that list the other different animal-state, Alaska.  These three are some of the best places to live, and the only places Leticia and I would even consider. 

That said, I have to keep a promise I made to a blogger friend in the Lone Star State earlier today, if both our states did as I predicted and voted for Ted Cruz, so please enjoy the following:


Come On, Arkansas, pull it out of your Razorbutts and make it four states,  go Cruzin' with us~!

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