Sunday, March 6, 2016

Secretary Hillary Clinton Asks
Her Personal Staff:

"OK, which one of you is willing to be stabbed in the back for me, then go to prison for me, because of my incompetence over these G** D+++ State Department Emails?

I will do everything in my power, and in my future power, to make sure that you won't suffer one minute during your long prison sentence; 
~ plenty of wholesome gay sex during your inconvenience;
~ and your salary will continue to accrue, all the while....  
Either Bill or I will make sure of that.

Now this looks like a very dangerous, deadly knife here in my clawed hand, but be assured that I am very experienced and skilled in its' use,
and will thrust it gently, though fully, up to it's hilt, into your back... as many times as I need to,

to assure the American people that I had nothing to do with any scandal, anywhere, anytime, any place-  Do you all understand?  This will only hurt once, but you'll be paid for it, 

... just as I'm being paid for it.     Who will be first?"

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