Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Straight Outta Context

Happy National Puppy Day~!  March 23  

It's true:  Today is National Puppy Day, and in fact, it's the 10th anniversary of the designation.

But yesterday, March 22, was a strange day for me, in light of this news:  We contracted with an asphalt paving company to come up here and pave our circle driveway next week.  The man was here promptly at 9 am, to look over our dirt & pinecone-laden driveway for an estimate.

But while we two were talking, here comes this little grey wolf-hybrid puppy out of the woods to our North, and he promptly parks his little butt on my shoes.  And he wouldn't move away.**

So, Leticia and I were adopted yesterday by this puppy; he's asleep at my feet right now. No, wait, he just got up and wanting some attention from me~  He's maybe 5-6 weeks old or so; his balls haven't descended yet;

He's already broken a glass candle holder Leti only bought a month ago; he's peed on the living room carpet; he's gotten out of our small, fenced backyard, he's chewing on our dining room chairs' legs... ~  Last night, I got up every three hours to take him outside to relieve himself.

But it's National Puppy day today, and understanding that raising a wolf hybrid pup is just like raising a wild Indian boy, none of those violations matter in the long run.

We've not yet decided on a name for this pup; I lean toward "Rascal", and Leticia likes calling him "Buddy"~!

** This is the exact same way that my most beloved pet ever, my dog Amos, chose me too, 11-1/2 years ago.

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