Friday, March 4, 2016

The, THE, THE~! Murder Weapon Found Finally??

What has it been now, 22+ years, since the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman?  
And O.J. Simpson deservedly rots in a Nevada prison, for a (kind of) unrelated crime.

I had forgotten one essential fact of the Crime of that Century:
A dark leather glove, similar to one that Simpson was photographed wearing in the past, was found at his Brentwood estate. It was soaked in blood and had a piece of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson's hair on it.

Now maybe, another piece of the vicious puzzle can be added: ???


In another twist in the long-running O.J. Simpson saga, Los Angeles police are investigating and testing a knife that was reportedly recovered on property once owned by the former football star. 
The elite robbery/homicide division is investigating a buck knife now in possession of the department.

The knife was apparently turned over to a police officer a number of years ago by a person working construction at the property, a law enforcement source said.

Detectives more recently learned of the knife's existence and are now investigating where it came from, according to the source, who cautioned that the investigation is still in its early stages.

The officer who had the knife was retiring and apparently informed robbery/homicide detectives of the weapon's existence in the past few months. An LAPD detective informed superiors, who immediately launched an investigation into the knife's history and ordered a series of forensic tests to determine whether it had any connection with the June 12, 1994 murders of Simpson's ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ron Goldman.

When the new owners of Simpson's Brentwood estate decided to raze it in 1998, a man involved in the construction joked in an interview with The Times: "We haven't found the knife yet."

Finally maybe, justice will be served for the Brown and Goldman families.


Anonymous said...

Chain of custody would be a yuge, not to say classy or luxurious, issue. A prosecutor interested in reopening the murder case on the grounds of new evidence would probably laugh ruefully over his Scotch and slightly salty water if this knife is all there is.

The Local Malcontent said...

Wish it was so, but for the issue of double jeopardy, in the murder case.

O.J. could confess to the murders, and still skate.

The reason I added the paragraph about the glove, is I don't remember any DNA tests done on the bloody glove; while it had a piece of Nicole's hair on it, where is the blood evidence?

Where the "F" is Gil Grissom when we really really need him?

Anonymous said...

New evidence is the exception to double Jeopardy, though.

Which is why the prosecutor would laugh ruefully.