Saturday, March 5, 2016

The Way Forward Through the Muck Is Anybody's Guess

I am observing alot of wrath, alot of rage among so-called Republicans and Independents--
-mostly in the comments of Americans on topics concerning our top three candidates for the Republican Presidential candidacy,
Ted Cruz, Donald Trump and Marco Rubio.

The way I interpret this is, a frustration with the Republican establishment by younger voters, by newbie Independents, and maybe some crossover, frustrated Democrats wanting to express their anger at the Federal government:  MEANING feckless, established Congressional Republican leaders in the House of Representatives and in the Senate, and but mostly at our methods of picking our candidates each Presidential season.

Sound bites designed and spoken to elicit anger against the other candidate(s), OR more generally, against an entire political party--  All meant to hype the choice of the particular commenter, no matter by the depth of the lie they perceive told "by the other side", or by the height of their hope that their candidate choice will win a mere popularity contest.

"Forget about trying to graph or quantify how sharp Donald Trump’s political instincts are, he’s just off the charts. However, his decision to spotlight Ted Cruz’s greatest weakness, “the personality of Cruz“, the “in-authenticity”, is beyond brilliant.Such a keen instinct is simply immeasurable."Donald Trump Brilliantly Diminishes Ted Cruz By Putting Him on Full Display - (With Video)

"Is it really a contest when it's Sugar Ray (Trump) vs Barney Fife (Cruz).

"No body I know cares about Reagan.  GO TRUMP!"

These ignorant, babbling fools intend on voting.

They are ignorant of the most basic rules of "Republican" and "Democrat".  And even less so, the proscribed, Constitutional method of selecting a candidate of, by, for their parties.

Television may have doomed us~, 
and the Internet may have buried us.

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