Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Youthful 'Boy' Casts Primary Vote Today For Cruz

     We voted today in the Oklahoma primary for Ted Cruz for President of these United States.  At 10 am, we were the 89th and 90th persons to vote in our new precinct, both "D's" and "R's".

     Unlike in Nevada, nobody working the voting precinct where we were, wore a made-in-China- Trump hat or t-shirt.  Unlike the Nevada caucuses, our new voting precinct was civilized and well organized.

     We came back to our new home, and Leticia went back to bed....      While she's not on Bedrest orders from any doctor we have, she is on our agreement.  She's not looking for a new job until well into next year, if our baby is born healthy, in JUST two-and-a-half more months.
     So Who Was the Acne-ridden adolescent who cast a vote for Ted Cruz?
     After we came home, I wanted to report this event here, every bit as big as what we hope and pray for in mid-May...,
>>the nomination of Ted Cruz as the 2016 candidate for the Republican party-

and I checked my Localmalcontent@gmail.com email , where I found this quiz:  "HOW OLD WILL YOU LIVE TO BE?"
I couldn't resist trying it, that is a serious matter on my mind, since both my parents died young-ish.

And I have nothing to worry about apparently;
since I'll live to be 105, until 2074 thereabouts~!
authoring the Cranky Old Malcontent bloggie until that day, too~!


Anonymous said...

Mine says 111.

You know, I was sorely disappointed that Halley's Comet wasn't visible in the Northern Hemisphere when it came by back in the '80s, and it wasn't going to be due back again until I was pushing 100.

Now I know I'll be around to see it. I'm so happy I'm tempted to drive drunk to the tobacco shop and take up smoking cigars!

The Local Malcontent said...

Pick up some thick-sliced Bacon too, on your way home, OK? hahaha

Haley's comes around again for another visit in 2062; When President Charlotte Clinton-Mezvinsky-Bush is in her 2nd year's administration....

I'll let you use my spectackles to see it.