Tuesday, April 26, 2016


It seems the southern plains are going to be under attack by Large Red Ls and squiggly Blue lines,
today and tonight, seek safety if conditions warrant~!

In addition to the tornado threat, instability in the atmosphere is very high, to the extent that supercell thunderstorm updrafts will be strong enough to support the growth of large hailstones.

While a study of hail reports over a 15-year period ending in 2004 by Jewell and Brimelow found 95 percent of hailstones are golf-ball (1.75 inch diameter) or smaller, today's supercells are likely to produce hail in that more rare 5 percent of stones, perhaps up to softball-size in the strongest storms.

Hail this size is likely to produce damage to vehicles, trees, perhaps roofs and siding, particularly if driven by strong thunderstorm winds. Here's a general rule of thumb for damage potential of hail (not including wind)s

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