Friday, April 8, 2016

Carl Douglas - Kung fu fighting

Everybody but me--- I got my ass kicked~

Last Thursday night, March 31, I was involved in an "altercation", with friends of mine, all Choctaw, at the base of Cavanal Hill.  
Alcohol was present-- maybe too much, maybe not enough...

I don't remember much after trying to be the one to stop the fight, until the next morning when I went to find my truck was missing, and had to walk away from the camp where we all met up.  I (had) two black eyes, (have) two cracked R- ribs, a possible puncture of an artery in my right elbow (a week later, it still bleeds)--

I texted two friends who were there saying "Thanks for not killing me".
I go back to work next Monday, when my black eyes will have healed, and won't scare everybody.

Leticia didn't speak to me for three days~  I'm too old for this shit~

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Col. B. Bunny said...

Ouch. Three days of the silent treatment. That is serious disapproval.

Funny video under the circumstances.