Saturday, April 23, 2016

"Feels So Good" Chuck Mangione

We've had just a really crappy week here;

1)  Real regrets about leaving Yanush, for Podo;

2)  My health hasn't rebounded like before:  I'm still ailing, lethargic and hacking, my lowest two right ribs still very sore;

3)  Our puppy died suddenly yesterday, from Parvovirus

(see 1, re: 'yard'):  

Buried him this morning, outside the fence;

4)  Now having to clean every Square Inch of our house

w/ Clorox Bleach

But, Chuck Mangione~!!

5)  Bills, bills, bills ....  All of a sudden, I can't afford a haircut~

6)  Donald Trump:  Shrillary Clitnon, America:

Fears, both Real and Imagined.

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