Saturday, April 23, 2016

Just The Usual Talk, Nothin' Special

~ Times ten~   
Our conversations over the phone always go
Just Like This:

Me:  "Hallo, what are you up to?"

My Former Son, Dillon:  " Tryin to get over a hangover, man-"

Me:  "I know...."

Dillon:  "What, did I call you last night, too?"

Me:  "No, I just know,,,, you know"

Dillon:  " So what are you guys doin'?"

Me:  " I'm burning brush outside, that huge brushpile I told you about--?  And Leti is inside mopping the kitchen and the laundry room."

Dillon:  " Do you two miss me?"

Me:  "Where are you right now?"

Dillon:  " Oh, I'm with some friends, we're going over to H****'s house, he's got some weed~"

Me:  "  Our dog died yesterday~"

Dillon:  "  We gotta bad line, man, I .... can't hear .... anything .... say ....."

I hang Up, because it's no use with him.

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