Monday, April 4, 2016

The Hillary Crowd

Hillary Clinton has more FBI agents following her than she has delegates, joked comic legend Jackie Mason.

How anybody would even think of voting for her is inconceivable to me… She has a history of lying even when there’s no reason to lie.  Every time somebody says ‘Hello,’ she already answers it with a lie. If she says, ‘Good morning,’ it’s probably ‘Good night.’ This woman can’t tell the truth because if she told the truth she would probably die from the shock.

If this woman was a friend of yours would you even talk to her? If you had a friend that every time they said something it was a lie, how long would you want to be a friend of hers? You wouldn’t want to talk to her but you’d want her to be president?  Let’s be honest about it. I would be afraid to ask her what time it is. I’m sure I’d get the wrong answer.

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