Monday, May 23, 2016

~ ... And They Lived Happily Ever After~!

My wife &I have everything that both/each of us have always wanted:  A baby.

Through all the years of being a Malcontent, Locally,
I've expressed my truest feelings here on this blog:  Sometimes allowing some offensive comments or gestures to get past for a few moments, too (mostly about Cardinal baseball or OU football or Shrillary).
Those things I'm embarrassed by, but I did feel that sentiment (at least momentarily), once upon a time.

I've threatened to quit this bloggie before.
I've quit and then returned to this bloggie before.
   And for the last two weeks, I've wondered if I could decently maintain this bloggie now and into an uncertain future,
when our lives have been Blessed and Hyper-activated by our Creator, God, now that Kelsey is really, really and truly, here with us.  (since my rebirth)
My devotion to our new family 
will be non-pareil; 
Shoot, we've come 
this far ..., why not? 
All I've ever wanted to be, is
what I've been for ONE WEEK
already, a daddy.  

And so, dear friends, FAREWELL.  I won't delete "The Local Malcontent" from the Web, 
because (1) I may think of some comment to say about some thing some day, 
and (2) I feel like I made an impact of some kind, over the past 8-1/2 years here.  For the future generations, you might say.
You Must Know that I always felt both fortunate and blessed to have hade your readership-- I've made many extraordinary friends through this medium, and that's so rare.  Well Done~!

But either way, my life's winding vine must/needs-to go in a better direction, despite the mere 20-odd minutes that this bloggie took to compose at a time, from days past.  That's 20-odd minutes that I can now use rocking my daughter to sleep.

And so, on behalf of my wife Leticia, our daughter Kelsey Lois, all the Choctaws in/around Yanush, Talihina and now Poteau, Oklahoma, whom you've gotten to know a little through me here; please continue to pray for God's Blessings for our nation, The United States of America,

I love this place, but it's time to go.  Farewell~!

Your Former Malcontent, 
extending love, joy and peace ,



Cathy Monroe said...

I will miss reading your posts, but I understand your wanting to spend all your spare time with your new daughter. Congratulations and enjoy this most wonderful next chapter of your life.

Col. B. Bunny said...

You'll be back. I hope. Eventually the demands on your time won't be so heavy. You know you want to blog till you drop!