Saturday, May 7, 2016

"Hectic" Doesn't Even Begin To Describe

Our world is about to change dramatically, and the lead-up to the day that our baby arrives has literally been filled from dawn to dusk with preparation and planning.  

(*and worrying and second-guessing, and nights with no sleep and unending days away from Letecia)

My wife and I are going to have this baby, God Willing, if it pleases/glorifies God, 
on Monday, May 16, in Talihina, Oklahoma.  
Mama is really having some late term issues with the baby's weight and with an infection, so our pediatrician has decided to induce labor that day, at 40 weeks and 2 days.
May 16.

Me?  I'm a nervous train wreck.  Haven't kept up with the world's business at all in about a month.
We have been told by several sources, professional and friends, that we're having a little girl~!!!!  

I hope she's a feisty daddy's girl~!~!

This all was written with tears of exquisite joy in my eyes, streaming ~

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