Sunday, June 5, 2016

Hillary Clinton,
Former S.O.S, Now Solidly F.O.S.

Lovingly lifted from
Canada Free Press (.) com, this:

The choreographed, so-called “Foreign Policy Speech” of the Democrat candidate, had little foreign policy substance and thirty mentions of the opposition candidate who had not a single foreign policy failure.

In a speech that was 95% character assassination, Clinton told us that she’s smart and her opponent is a jerk. That was her demonstration of being presidential.

Actually, he’s a successful businessman and she is a successful crook. And a failed foreign policy “expert” who is under FBI investigation in a criminal probe for her being a Historic Mistake - her words - and for her record of being a national security risk and a loose canon.

It was a speech worthy of an Artificial Intelligence-driven teleprompter.

There was not a single policy suggestion in her “foreign policy speech.” So much for the “policy” aspect.

There was nothing “foreign” in her speech. It was all familiar as delivered by robot—the teleprompter.

The speech was an attempted assassination of the existential danger to her campaign, Donald Trump. She charged him with a lack of foreign policy “credentials”. Well, there’s truth to it: Trump does not own the most appalling record of documented failure, malfeasance, criminality and bribe-taking, and criminal negligence and deceit any SecState has ever amassed.

A good thing she didn’t bring up Trump’s successful business empire which is not foreign, just international, which appears to be the same thing. Or his amazing, successful-as-individuals, beautiful and functional family. That’s the family that contrast her dysfunctional one: an ex-con in-law convicted and incarcerated for what the Clintons could not possibly be familiar with: fraud. Take her failed hedge fund manager son in-law married to daughter and Clinton Foundation co-head Chelsea who lost 90% of his customer’s assets, or her sexual deviant, perjury convicted, disbarred and impeached husband who wants to be co-President.

Hillary’s teleprompter played well to the same people who voted for Barack Obama twice and would have voted for her, had she won then, twice. They share the same morality.

The gaggle of unquestioning True Believers in the audience were instructed at the door to react enthusiastically to staged prompting from the director, to applaud, cheer and boo on cue - and they always do. Reporters were barred, since Clinton hasn’t given a press conference since she began her campaign.

Video below about Shrillary Clitnon,  IS ** NSFW, alright?  Understand~!??

Meanwhile, the evil, mentally-stunted Grandma wants to
be our President.
Why, she can't even figure out 'email', or how dangerous it can be; just like she couldn't pick up the damn phone at 3 a.m. and order support aircraft for our nation's ambassador and his aides in Benghazi, Libya.

Probably drunk and passed out, again~

She's stuck in the 1960s still, remembering all that communist 'Free-Love' Bullcrap, she's been tied to,
all this time (when she is sober)~