Thursday, July 21, 2016


The very first word I would utilize to describe my beloved wife Leticia, is


The personification of the word Demure.  
Leticia is quiet on the top two or three levels of her persona, openly to strangers, to friends, even to family members.  But like every woman, THANK GOD, Leti has that side to her, that, if you trespass against, then God Help you, because I won't.  I'm smart.... and I'm on her side.
Leticia Marie is a quiet woman with an opinion that I'd better listen to.  OOps, I meant to say "with an opinion on everything...".  I listen to her words, her insight, to her advice,  because 
She is Wise.  Beyond her years wise.  Sometimes she really startles me with the ease with which she can unravel problems, solving tough decisions facing us, the direct way she takes charge when she needs to/sees she must.  I've thought for more than eight years, since we've dated, since we first met in 2007, that she was older than her actual age; but I've always thought of myself the same way (S. Joplin ragtime);  She is, to this day, a rabid Beatles fan, as well as Buddy Holly, almost anything from Motown--a sign to me, that during her early childhood, she sat quietly listening to the radio, of songs only a decade-or-so old by that time.

Way before we got pregnant last year, and beheld our daughter Kelsey this spring, Leticia mothered ... me.  She took me from being a hot-blooded, bull-headed Choctaw alpha male, and within her arms and within her love, and lassoed me.  And it's to her loving bosom I cling when I'm really unsure what/where/when to do/go.  That probably results from her wisdom, probably, definitely yes, yeah.

Leticia nurtured me through ugly cigarette withdrawal seven years ago~, and for my former  shortcomings as a husband/father, she understood.  She understood.  She prayed for a child and God answered her/our prayer, just in time.r

Just in time because I was never ready before, without a woman in mylife like her.  No child could face this world with me as its' father, without Leticia's calm and loving care, before a child could be born, to me.

She literally bewilders me with her stamina now that my wife is a stay-at-home mother.  This place of ours is a show place, and that's after only 1/2 year of living here~!  But even back in Yanush, at my folk's lake house I'd inherited, when the woman of the house arrived there in 2008, 
MANNN, did things change.  In charge of that place and certainly in full charge of our home now in Poteau, Leti puts the finishing touch on just the smallest things like our tablecloth, the baby's room, our bedroom, our small garden, even our front door is special thanks to only one person:  

My wife, Leticia.
My wife turned another year older over the weekend--- she's now 22 again, and looks even younger than that.  With a certain smile reserved only for me and Kelsey, my wife of eight+ years will always be my baby.  And my mother.  And my lover.  
But most of all, SHE IS MY EVERYTHING.

oh please, say to me,
you'll let me be your man


Anonymous said...

I welcome you into the company of Luckiest Men Who Ever Lived.

The Local Malcontent said...

Thank you for that~! I do realize that I am married far above my station, Kevin... but I thank you most for

the most noble, the truest comment I've ever received. Leticia is a splendor, like maybe your wife is; I just marvel, everyday, at how blessed I am.

You and your missus take good care, OK,
I want to shake your hand someday, my friend~!