Saturday, July 30, 2016

Another Creature Crawls Forth from the Chicago Sewer

I've had enough already from politicians from Chicago, from Illinois.

They all seem to be filthy, corrupt scum.  The list of politicians from Chicago, Illinois is replete with scandal, corruption, bribery, kickbacks, and bold face lies.

Here's another one from the bilge water of Chicago's sewer system, Hillary Rodham-Clinton, whose neck would break were she to ever tell the truth about herself.

But the 'woman' lied still, to the American people for nearly another entire month, through the end of September, 2012, claiming that this terrorist attact by al Qaeda in Benghazi was due to a flippant YouTube video.  

"You tell your family that it was a terrorist attack, but NOT the American People."  Here's the KEY MOMENT in Benghazi hearings - Rep. Jordan nails Hillary on LIES

Then laughed about lying to us.

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