Monday, July 25, 2016

Anything But "United Together" By Design

"United Together??"
"That's the best f ***ing slogan you could come up with, after 12 months of Democratic Convention committee meetings, 'United Together'??" boomed the stunned Queen Hillary.

"It's a solid winner within our 20-person reference group, Ma'am,
a group of young, millennial and minorities who make up our constituents,"
replied the Washerwoman Debbie.

"That f***ing worked in '64 and in '72, but this is 2000 and 16.  COFF-COFF-COFF  People have heard this before, COFF-COFF-COFF -- uhhhggghh, eeeghhhurh, refill this G&T right away--
why is this new and dynamic now?  Are we re-re-re introducing me again this week?",
the Queen snarled, hoarsely.

"We need to emphasize 'Unity' between the many many various subsets of Americans that we've created, your Highness....  You know, the blacks, the latinos, all those illegals, or undocumented citizens, all the poor, all the welfare recipients, the uneducated, the Facebook and Twitter crowd, Ma'am ... They are the ones who need to believe that we intend to unify them---, after the last eight years" the Vasserman-Shultz woman said before being quickly interrupted.


(Meekly) "cough cough, gurgle cough" Vasserman-Shultz appeased.

"Stop it, bitch.  We'll go with 'United Together' for the first night, since COFF-COFF-COFF  you have made up all those signs. But if you ever cross me again, if you ever do something again without conferring with me directly, COFF-COFF-COFF , I will speak to my friend Saul about you," gurgled Hillary.

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