Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Decision 2016: Watch the DNC This Week
Or The Matchup of MLB's Cellar Dwellers?

On the one hand, a night highlighting a bunch of losers.
On the other hand, a night highlighting two bunches of losers.

As for drama, one has skulduggery and mischief,
but nothing to witness live.
The other might have a double-play, or a stolen base.  
"Might have", the operative words.

The one will make me shake with anger, having to listen to millionaire politicians lie about how they are interested in making Americans' lives better;
the other will make me shake due to the bad play of men earning millions of dollars.

Both choices feature the bottom of the barrel, but as usual in baseball, there's some real hope for next year, for the Minnesota Twins and Atlanta Braves.

So given the choice, oddly enough I would gladly watch the 33-66 Atlanta Braves face the 37-61 Minnesota Twins at Target Field.**

Let's all hope that all three TV choices tonight, the Democrats, the Braves, and the Twins end up big-time losers this year, after October.

** Fox Sports Midwest has the Cardinals at N.Y. Mets, in the second game of a double header. That's on our TV now.... 

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