Saturday, July 9, 2016

In Deception We Trust

Have a look at this photograph made last winter, of the snow-covered Kiamichi mountains and Ouachita National forest of southeast Oklahoma:

No, your eyes deceive you; these are the mountains of SE Oklahoma, despite what your mind tells you, this is not a scene of Miami Beach, Florida.

In our present American experience, we are told that we cannot trust our instincts, cannot rely upon what we've heard uttered from candidates' mouths, and should never trust what it is we see with our eyes-- our senses and our instincts are somehow faulty and unreliable when it comes to our American politicians.

Just never you mind that your (once trusted) instincts have told you for the past 25 years that Bill and Hillary Clinton are the two most corrupt individuals ever to enter politics- disregard what used to look obvious to anybody. 

Because just as Hillary has maintained for 25 years, she and Bill are innocent of every single accusation brought against them.  It really and truly has been one huge conspiracy of the Right.
That's why no one should insist that Hillary provide the transcripts of speeches which she's given to Wall Street lobbyists, the Unions, foreign governments.  We would misconstrue her words to mean something else, like what the words appear to mean.  Or would mean to any one of us. Hillary's words are too lofty and esoteric for us to comprehend.  
That's why our laws are not intended for her too.

Likewise, seeing the word "Classified" on an email from some ambassador somewhere, doesn't mean what you think it means.  

We Americans are just too harsh, and way, way too ignorant (not to mention 'too judgmental') when it comes to Hillary Clinton's actions, words and deeds.  We couldn't possibly understand why she is completely innocent ~ 
and always has been~ of any and all wrong-doing:

We are too reliant upon our instincts and senses, when we should instead be more reliant upon her, and her style of government.

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