Saturday, July 16, 2016

Ponderisms, Nos. 12, 13, 14

Why is it,
that our present American government emphasizes so much that we citizens should NEVER judge all Muslims by the actions of a certain, murderous few of that religion, 
    Yet goes to such great lengths to stress that all gun owners should be judged by the actions of a certain, murderous few gun owners?

Why is it,
that Social Security and Medicare, two unavoidable taxes paid for by working people are both projected to go insolvent (to go BROKE) in about 20 years, 
    Yet we never hear about welfare payments or food stamps given to the unemployed,
going insolvent (GOING BROKE), EVER?

Finally, Why is it,
for the past 7 years & for the next 2 (projected) years,
pay raises for active Military personnel
have slashed to just about 1.5% per Annam,
AND medical benefits and housing/employment benefits have been reduced for our military veterans,
    Yet benefits of every imaginable kind have been introduced or increased for illegal aliens
living within our borders?

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