Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The All-Star, "Royal" Treatment

It was nothing less than 'old home week' at tonight's All-Star baseball game, held in San Diego's Petco Park this year.

For the fourth year in a row, the American League defeated the National League 4-2, meaning that the World Series will begin in the American League champions' city, probably Cleveland or Arlington, Texas (my guess).

All four of the American League's runs were produced by two members of the Kansas City Royals, 1B Eric Hosmer and C Salvador Perez, with 2 RBIs apiece.
Eric Hosmer was also named the Most Valuable Player of the 87th All Star Game.

These All-Star games are never very interesting to me because I have to continually reset my evaluations of players from other teams who play against my St. Louis Cardinals (*read 'Cubs').  It was hard rooting for Kris Bryant of the Cubbies, who hit a 1st inning, 1st pitch home run....

There's no anticipation to it:  Like, 'When will my teams' best hitter get another possible at bat?'

Speaking of the Redbirds, only one player, Aledmys Diaz, SS, got into the game, striking out in the 8th inning with the bases loaded, and then playing the field in the bottom of that single inning too.
So personally, it was nice watching the Royals stars shine tonight.

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