Monday, July 25, 2016

The BEST PART About DNC 2016 Week?


THANK GOD FOR BASEBALL IN JULY, when Smelly Democrats gather~

Only the third most rare Baseball event:  The Triple Play

A SINGLE MLB GAME~!  At the end of this video, you see the Minnesota Twins complete two triple plays against the Boston Red Sox, in a single game....

The ONLY TIME IN MLB HISTORY that this has ever happened.
But the bizarre thing is, Boston won that game, 1-0.

BOSTON, July 17 (1990)—
Minnesota became the first team in major league history to get two triple plays in one game last night, but it wasn't enough to overcome eight shutout innings by Tom Bolton as the Boston Red Sox beat the Twins, 1-0.

The victory was Boston's second in 10 games and the first by a starter in 12 games.
Bolton (3-0) allowed five hits, struck out six and walked four. He left after walking the leadoff batter in the ninth. Jeff Reardon finished for his 16th save.

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