Sunday, August 7, 2016

DIY Chicken Tunnel

No, I did not call you a fowl name, in the post title~

Found this in my email today before church, and what a simply great idea, I had to quickly add it here:
Funneling / tunneling your brood of chickens away from your gardens and family areas!  I wish that I'd had this idea, back when I was single and had chickens in Yanush.  

Often my chickens would fly the coop confines, or predators would kill them in the yard (including my dog Amos); this clever idea not only allows for excercise and sunlight, but also for planned fertilization and even an opportunity for some humor at the birds expense.

Lovingly lifted, and will probably be used by us, from
Ask A Prepper(dot)com:

DIY Chicken Tunnel (A Step-by-Step Guide)

If you don’t have space and your chickens are cooped up in small coop, or even if you need some help gardening, we propose an unusual solution.

A chicken tunnel!
It’s very easy to do, your chickens will have extra space to run around, you can move it around your yard, and you’ll have an extra helping hand in the garden, which is always welcome.

Materials needed:
Fencing stakes
Galvanized hardware cloth
U-shaped metal or wire supports (optional)
Metal or wooden panel (optional)

Wire cutter

Step-by-Step Instructions
Step 1
Map the route for your chicken tunnel while taking into consideration the specifications of your back yard. The easiest way to do it is to let it run along the fence, starting from the coop.

Step 2
Get the hard wire, and bend it so it will make a little more than half a circle. Then place your hardware along the established route using the fencing stakes to secure it to the ground for long-term use.

Step 3
Attach it to the opening of your coop so that your chickens can have access to the tunnel. Make sure that when you put it next to the chicken coop, it’s bigger than the door.  DUHH~!  
Here, I will add that your chickens still need a larger area to mingle and mix-- Depending on the number of hens/roosters you have, a good rule of thumb is 16 square feet (4' by 4') per rooster.   You want eggs don't you??  So do not add your chicken tunnel straight off of your chicken coop, rather, from their congregational /mating area.

If you want, you can insert a metal or wooden panel at the entrance of the tunnel that can slide up and down. This will allow you to control the access to the tunnel.
One end of the tunnel should stay opened, and the other end will be closed to prevent the chickens from running away.
If you want, you can insert a metal or wooden panel at the entrance of the tunnel that can slide up and down. This will allow you to control the access to the tunnel.

Your chickens can run around without making a mess of your yard or your garden.
Chickens make wonderful garden keepers as they eat weeds and pesky bugs.
The chickens can dig and peck to prepare the soil for planting seeds.
They fertilize the soil.
You don’t have to supervise them or worry about predators.
You can move it around your yard depending on your needs.
The chickens are really cute, especially when they run around on parade, in the tunnel.

And one commentor, "diggy", at this site makes a pertinent contribution:

Yes ma’am…lol, this is truly a great idea But the size of the “Squares in the fencing” would be better if it were smaller as Too many snakes can inter the 2×4 inch fence squares. I’d look at the rabbit cage squares, then compare prices and find as small a fence hole where the “Price Break” occurs! This IS way cool & your comment has my mind running now…lol, peace