Monday, August 1, 2016

He's A Good-Lookin' Devil (Ray)

Watching the Kansas City/Tampa baseball game tonight on Fox Midwest, my wife picked up on the Tampa Bay catcher, Luke Maile's face, when he was hit with a foul ball and had to be bandaged up--

"He looks like you," Leti said.  My flabbyness puffed up with pride, source unknown, since I was holding our baby girl in my lap.....

"He looks alot like you,"  my wife continued.  

This was the beginning of me being annoyed, or threatened, one or the other~  "How!?!?" I asked, checking my manhood gauge, which was malfunctioning, it seems.

"He looks stern, he looks like he's intense.  That and his eyes and his nose... he's cute~" she eventually added.

NOW, I am jealous of an unknown player from Tampa Bay. The Royals however, won the game, 3-0, on a 1-hitter by Danny Duffy.

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