Tuesday, August 16, 2016

It's So Bad, Let's Not Reflect
on the World News, Today

Instead, why not take a great trip to the small village of Moriches, New York?  On the south shore of Long Island, where the living is good, peaceful and easy~!
And the time is 10:33 am.

Lovingly lifted from the Moriches' Chamber of Commerce website:

The town looks to be old and well-settled, and that's what we two Malcontents like, when we go on vacation (e.g., Halifax, Nova Scotia, Rome, Portugal)  We would love to add a visit to 'the Hamptons' to our vacationing list someday~  heyyah, we could make it a victory tour of sort; indeed, visiting blogging friends all along the way from Pennsylvania to New Jersey, to even Webster, NY, eventually!

Think that someone there, could maybe provide an outdoor brunch for three Okies?

Just don't think that all of Moriches is "Choctaw"...(don't let those beautiful, Dutch Tulips fool ya)

They have a very well-represented St. Patrick's Day every year:

Leticia, Kelsey and I cannot make it in time for the Summer Concert series, on Saturday, Aug. 27, to see Chain Reaction play at the John Scudder Havens Homestead, 15 Montauk Hwy, but maybe YOU can~! --If you go, we expect a full report on how the concert went~!                    
It just looks like a lovely town
to call "home" ~!

Finally, the Delaware Indian tribe sold Manhattan island to the Dutch for $2399 worth of beads.  
On Long Island, the residents there, instead would hire the Indians to do beadwork, and sell the same to the Dutch, thus making a ton-more profit each year~ and making everybody happy.

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