Friday, August 26, 2016

It's the Story
of a Lovely Lady...

I had the most disturbing insight earlier today, and it was horrible to witness.

Like most disturbing insights, this one came to me in a thunderous flash of seeing it all-at-once, which is never ever good.  Here is what came to me:

U.S. President Huma Abedin

all of the fluctuations are there, extra-Constitutionally, historically, and emotionally::
Huma Abedin is the forlorn wife of a sex-addict, born outside the boundaries of the United States, has stood in the way of anyone attempting to expose the sexual peccadillo's her mentor, Hillary Rodham-Clinton has.

She, Huma Abedin, is the most evil one, not Hillary--  
Hillary Rodham Clinton is many things, closeted bull dyke, accomplished liar, murderer, 
blackmail expert, sociopath, but she is not a political genius....  (given her most stupid missteps with government emails,

She needed Bubba,
She eventually, even needed Monica~ in the late 1990s.

She needed Zerobama et. all, to help her limp across her political finish-line.  Because Hillary Clinton is a real nincompoop, a Senatorial carpetbagger, a straggler of coat-tails, AT BEST.

AT WORST, Hillary Rodham Clinton is still a student of the game of U.S. politics; a light-weight fighter in over her head, bewildered by Conference balloons, regardless of her questionable accomplishments as "First Lezzie" of Arkansaw and as Bill's Beard in Washington, D.C.

But back to President Huma Abedin:  This woman is the poison exuded from Hillary's fangs.

Huma's idol could only be the Advisor to controversial leader Zerobama and fellow Shiite bitch, Valerie Jarrett, the Iranian who has infiltrated the U.S. Administrative branch.

The poor, wretched Huma.... 

Abandoned by a really ugly man, her sex-starved Jew husband, and yet coddled by the power hungry idiot named after Sir Edmund Hillary (before Sir Edmund was famous),and became the most fortunate ticket holder of U.S. political history/lottery, the cleverly planned, poison-pill, secret lover of the idiot wife of a horn-dog U.S. President, who married a beard.
Hillary the beard for Bubba, and then later, Huma the carpet nuzzler for Hillary.  Scandals down-windowed from scandals, down-windowed from scandals,  

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