Friday, August 12, 2016

Nothin' Doin' This Weekend

This will be the first weekend prior to the Choctaw Festival on the long Labor Day weekend, in at least 15 years when Leticia and I or just me alone, didn't have to get ready for a lot of out of town friends staying with us over that holiday. I see where the Nation is expecting another huge crowd of over 100,000 to come to Tushka Homma, and our former backyard in Yanush, again this year.

And why not??  It's about the best, free festival in Oklahoma, year after year.

But for us two, us Three this year, no more hiding or locking down my guns, no more stocking up on food, and making sure there's plenty of parking elsewhere but behind our trucks or in her gardens. No more burnt upholstery or carpet stains, or no more stocking up on alcohol and charcoal.  
And no more passed-out-drunk Chahtas out in the yard.

~No fights.

My plans this weekend?  Let me introduce Buck Owens, who will tell you what I'm planning:

Stayin' home with my girls... Peace and quiet.  
Gimme a new bag of diapers and we're good~!

Does life get any better?? 
Thank You God, for it doesn't.

Ya'll have a real good weekend, too~!

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