Tuesday, August 2, 2016

One-Sided Two-Face Book Continues
Fear-Mongering Censorship of the LMC Bloggie

Where do these pencil-dorks stop??

Never, I'd say.... but that describes this Indian, too~!
In fact, considering that I'm a minority, that makes FaceBook a Corporate racist, doesn't it??

2-FaceBook is at it again, deleting anything I compose, which is either Conservative in nature, or harsh on
2-FaceBook itself, or in the original case I cited two days ago, a racially motivated murder against Josh Halley, "Osceola 13, for the Florida State University Seminoles.

Their most recent Censorship is here, when a friend of mine, who is a Cherokee male (WTH~!), posted my blog post on his 2-FaceBook page.  Then apparently, that link  to my bloggie was checked out by one of his
2-FaceBook friends there:

But Ohh~  2-Face  Book cannot allow anyone to read something which is critical of them, or 
of Jeff Zuckerborg, a nal recipient.

Because this is what is seen, after clicking my blog's link in my friend's 
2-Faced Book Timeline:

That is just so desperate.  I am glad that I Am NOT a subscriber
to such a hypocritical, evil, biased website.

Liberals live in such a narrow-urethra fishbowl,
that's not for me, 
I choose FREEDOM, not 2- FACEDBOOK

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