Monday, August 15, 2016

Peggy Has Nailed IT, Regarding
Milwaukee's Thug Death, and Resulting Riots

Not only here in this instance, but black crime everywhere, and the stunted mentality behind all of it, caused by the Democratic Party, over the last 50+ years~
Lovingly lifted from Breitbart(dot)com's comments section, this comment from peggy6824 which is so good, enough so to be a guest blogger, here:

It is high time the police started showing photos of these criminals in all their glory and releasing their criminal records to the public so that we all know exactly who they are because we know the families will of course dig up the most angelic looking photos they can find and release them via the press.
It is past time to address the elephant in the room which is Black crime against all decent, hardworking, law abiding citizens of all races, including their own.
They should try putting themselves in our shoes because the truth is that the only brutality the majority of us have experienced has been at the hands of Black criminals, not the police which is why we are so leery of/apprehensive around them.
It is they who prey on and terrorize our citizens as they seek to take what they want by force. They are the true homegrown terrorists in our nation & now under the direction of Obama who seeks globalism/a global police force demand that we abolish all police in the US which would allow them to victimize & kill others with impunity. I would imagine that a fox would appreciate an unprotected hen house as well.
Obama himself painted a target on the backs of thousands of innocent police officers across the country as well as white people as evidenced by the attacks on them in Milwaukee with his hateful, purposely divisive rhetoric.
Shock Video–Milwaukee Rioters: ‘They Beatin’ Up Every White Person!’
Milwaukee Rioters Hunt Down, Attack Whites [VIDEO]
It is for this reason that we have “white flight” and it’s not just whites who refuse to live among them. All decent, hardworking law abiding citizens of all races refuse to live among them because their neighborhoods & communities are steeped in such violence as evidenced by Ferguson, Baltimore, Chicago, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, D.C., etc. which are all now or have been for the most part Democratically controlled cities. Now Obama seeks to force our communities to accept them under the guise of fairness regardless of the violence and destruction they bring to our peaceful communities which would only result in more “white flight”.
Blacks enslaved themselves by choosing to live on the Democratic "Poverty Plantation" thus it is the government who determines their worth & doles out the money they need to survive. It is the government who determines where they can & cannot afford to live, the quality of their schools, and the material things they are entitled to in life. Democrats keep them trapped on the "Poverty Plantation" by continuing to hand feed them at the expense of hardworking taxpayers to ensure their votes.
Blacks choose to ignore the fact that they and their communities are impoverished and steeped in violence because of the Democrats. They speak of economic disparity for which they refuse to take responsibility even though it is of their own creation because they refuse to educate themselves which would enable them to earn a living wage. Many fail to understand the expectations and responsibilities that come with employment as well as the value of showing respect to others.
DECENT, HARDWORKING, LAW ABIDING CITIZENS OF ALL RACES STAND UNITED with those that Obama seeks to consistently blame for the failures of Blacks because we are not blind and have all grown tired of your cries of racism & victimhood when it is you who have preyed on, terrorized, and victimized so many, including yourselves for decades. It is you who have turned your backs on education & chosen ignorance, poverty and a life of crime thus OBAMA AND BLM SHOULD STOP PEDDLING OUT RIGHT LIES!
One look at Ben Carson, his upbringing, and history is enough to show you that you can excel in life if you choose to regardless of your beginnings. Look to brave Black mothers like Peggy Hubbard & well educated teenagers like C.J. Pearson.
MLK said that Black people are such a small percentage of the US population but commit the majority of crimes. They commit crimes with such ferocity and now thanks to Obama seek to push a false narrative of police brutality in stark contrast to proven statistical facts.
Examples of Black crimes against others;
•The "knockout game" a.k.a. "polar bear hunting" where they are randomly striking innocent/unaware white people in the head as they walk down the street with their fists to see if they can knock them out with one punch which they videotape to share with others? They attack the elderly, women, & young children some of who have been killed in the process. They do this purely for their own entertainment and do not seem to be bothered by the deaths they have caused.
The following happened on July 13, 2016
This man who is somebody’s father/grandfather was viciously kicked in the face after he had already been knocked out by this vile uncivilized animal purely for entertainment purposes.
•Multiple Black men viciously raped/killed a visibly pregnant young white woman and the child she was carrying.
•An elderly white gas station attendant was brutally beaten to death by 3 Black women & their vile offspring because 1 of their children lied & said that this man hit him when he actually fell off his own bike. These animals didn't have the sense to speak with this man, opting instead to jump out of their vehicle like a pack of wild animals and kill him.
•A white woman was attacked by a Black man in her own home. The attack was captured on a baby monitor that was posted online in effort to identify the perpetrator. She never cried out while this vicious animal tortured & beat her in front of her child, fearing that it would scare her child.
•A white college student from a foreign country that wanted to play baseball in the US was shot/killed while walking along a road after visiting his girlfriend simply because some young Black men were bored?
•A decorated marine was attacked, knocked out, and robbed outside of a McDonalds simply because he refused to answer the question when asked if Black lives matter.
•A young white teenager was forced to watch as her boyfriend was killed and she was repeatedly raped by a group of Black men who then poured bleach down her throat and up her private parts to get rid of their DNA then left her in a barrel to die????
•Two tourists from Great Britain took a wrong turn into a housing project in FL and were shot/killed by a young Black teenager. They were shot a combined 6 times & both through the heart. His last words to them were "Since you ain't got no money, I have something for your ass".
•An old woman woke up in the middle of the night & found herself covered in gasoline and threatened that she would be burned alive unless she handed over her credit card & pin number????
These are not innocent children the police are confronted with on a daily basis and oftentimes are armed with illegally obtained weapons. They have absolutely no respect for the lives of others or their own and even when caught red handed in the commission of a crime with numerous eye witnesses and are killed in the process, their families & communities defend their right to commit such crimes with impunity by violently protesting, looting, & destroying their own neighborhoods & communities which makes them just as culpable/guilty.
For the most part people of other races do not protest, loot, or burn down their own neighborhoods, communities or the businesses of innocent hard working bystanders who have worked all of their lives and invested a great deal of time in building their businesses only to see them destroyed by a bunch of criminals, nor are we going to rush out & post an angelic looking 2nd grade picture while the police are holding a 10 page rap sheet of their crimes which in many cases include violent crimes.
This does not mean that we hurt any less when one of our loved ones are killed in the commission of a crime, it simply means that we accept the fact that CRIME IS A CHOICE thus if they are killed in the commission of a crime than that too is their choice. The majority of us will not protect, defend, or make excuses for the criminals among us nor are we going to scream racism when it has nothing to with race and everything to do with crime.
How many times have you heard of anyone other than a Black person assaulting, robbing at gunpoint, or killing someone else over a pair of tennis shoes of all things?
They will viciously attack & kill each other over the last piece of chicken or barbecue rib for heaven’s sake. (read the news)
It is so bad that we no longer need descriptions/confirmation of the perpetrators every time one of these vile/vicious crimes is committed.
Their attacks are immediate and require absolutely no provocation whatsoever, and yet they wonder why so many are so leery/apprehensive of them. They say they are offended by people who cross the street to avoid them or grip their purses tighter as they walk by or simply choose to avoid them altogether. This is unfortunate for the many decent, law abiding Blacks who must carry the burden of these criminals just as law abiding Latino/Hispanic Americans must carry the burden of the criminal illegal aliens in the US.
TO ALL CRIMINALS, if you do not want to be shot or killed then stop attacking, assaulting, robbing, burglarizing, raping, and murdering innocent people.
This is not meant to excuse the police in circumstances when they are clearly at fault & if proven so they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
I personally know of 5 or 6 people who were attacked without provocation by Blacks. How many do you know???
Black artists should use their god given talent for good like an "Anthem" promoting "EDUCATION" over ignorance and hard work over poverty & crime. Instead, they choose to push the narrative of racism & victimhood and that they are owed simply because of the color of their skin! Listen to the lyrics of their music and watch the videos they create that are littered with violence. Especially those of Beyonce of late who makes no apology for them and even showcased one of them at the Super Bowl last year.
Education is free up to the 12th grade and, for those who apply themselves, a college education which comes with “Affirmative Action” for minorities and yet they still refuse to avail themselves of it????
As a minority who grew up poorer than poor and had to learn English, I chose education over poverty, ignorance, and victimhood! Not going to school & getting a good education was not an option with my parents nor was disrespecting teachers & others in a position of authority. Even after my father abandoned us, leaving my mother to raise/feed 8 children, who were all still in school, the rules did not change. I sat in the same classes with the same teachers as so many others who claimed the schools failed them, went on to have multiple children, and currently reside on the Democratic "Poverty Plantation". I got a phenomenal education and they didn't because I figured out early on that Teachers would focus their energy on those students who wanted to learn.
Obama may as well say that all decent/law abiding people of all races, including Blacks are all racists when in reality IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH RACE AND EVERYTHING TO DO WITH CRIME! This is also not to say that there is not a criminal element in every race because we all know that there absolutely is.
Note to Obama and BLM, ALL LIVES MATTER up to the point where you seek to attack, assault, rob, rape or kill another at which point your lives cease to matter to your intended victims and all decent/law abiding citizens of all races.

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