Monday, August 29, 2016

The Implosion of Hillary's Life's Goal

This just keeps getting better and better for the #NEVERhillary majority~!  Now, the campaign is making everyone Vomit.

The latest gaffe, the latest kaboom, the latest meteor to directly hit Hillary's campaign for the Presidency, came this weekend, yesterday.  Her closet, closest adviser Huma Abedin has released a statement saying that she has separated from her devoted husband, Anthony Weiner, because once again, he has been texting photos of himself naked to another female besides his wife, on Twitter.

The third (KNOWN) time that he's done this in 5 years.  Only this time, the couple's offspring child can be seen in the photograph sleeping next to his father,             
who is showing off his Pride and Joy
to the unnamed female recipient of the tweet.

His (less-than-impressive) offensive image may be viewed here:

A. Weiner appears to be telling America that he's being short-changed in his marriage to Huma, too.

What a blow also, to the Hillary Clinton campaign, also; like she needs more horndog men hovering around her detestable self and her sleazy, equally offensive power-grab.

Sunday, Aug. 28, 2016, found our Hillary and Huma attending a gala (GAY la) fundraising event on Long Island, New York.  
Which raised 'millions', it is reported.

Hillary was dressed in her 'Lucky Money' Mao-Mao this time, with her top, the tent-sized part,
actually projecting the serpentine connections 
of her Clinton Family Foundation's
illegal donations
from foreign dictators and lobbyists, Wall Street banks and George Soros related entities.... 
replete with Captain Kangaroo pockets & piping, (thankfully) covering her over from neck to knees.

... to complete her fashion disaster, below the self-incriminating top, she wore a pair of TOO SHORT PANTS, which had a cement, cell-block design, and on her feet, she chose to wear her Lucky$$ black/white checkered lounge shoes.

To top off her appearance, it does not look like
she even bothered to shampoo her hair, merely
glazing her hair with some of her Ben-Gay to slick it down~.


America does not want this woman, this aged monstrosity in the White House, and
America surely does not need her anywhere near the levers of power in the future, ever.  

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