Thursday, August 18, 2016

This Is Hillary's Period, DAMMIT

"Panic mode in, they are," Yoda would say of the enemy on the Dark Side, at a similar stage of the battle in our local galaxy.
 It is really amazing, and so very interesting to watch Democrats squirming like worms in hot ashes, writhing about in abject fear that their reign of illicit governance will soon be over.

Literally, since the Democratic Convention in protest-torn Philadelphia last month, the national Democratic Party is being beaten by hammers coming from every direction, even from within the realm of their anointed leader, Hillary Rodham Clitnon.  

(( and all of their wrath is against the mere candidate, Donald J. Trump, of the loyal opposition.  ---  What if it had been against a true, blue blood Conservative, like Ted Cruz?))

But the Liberals, along with their minions in the American media, are working overtime, fantasizing about what could possibly be the future of the united States of America, if only they can drag Hillary's sick carcass across the finish line in November.

So far, Democratic Media have rigged the polls by over sampling longtime Democratic voters, nearly 2-1, so that it appears that Hillary Clitnon has a large, double-digit lead over Mr. Trump...
Yet observing any public appearance by the two candidates proves that the Donald is bringing in over 10 times the audiences than Hillary is;  why, just yesterday, Hillary had trouble filling the gymnasium of a run-down High School in Cleveland-- if the under-18 student population hadn't been there to fill in the seats, she would not have had 300 people in there.

Whereas, the Donald attracts thousands of eager supporters to
overflow crowds in major sports arenas.

1) the rigged polls, and 2) the obvious lack of supporters at rallies

#3 is very hard for Liberals to cover up (and they only get harder, through # 1,400)

It's that people over age 30+, remember all of the Clinton scandals, all of the cover-ups from the 1980s and the 1990s.
And they're tired of those lies and abuses of power being thrown 
in their faces day after day, once again from another 
Clitnon White House,
and have a justifiably, uneasy feeling that even greater abuses of power could be produced in a Hillary Clitnon administration.
Abuses which could cause another world-wide, Great war.

That scandal list of theirs is way, way too long to list here:  If you are curious, that's good- JUST GOOGLE THE CLINTON YEARS IN ARKANSAS,  THE WHITE HOUSE SCANDALS.
Poster child for "A Pathological Liar", Hillary Clitnon once said that she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary, the first person to successfully climb Mt. Everest in Nepal.  She said this publicly.  The only trouble is, Sir Edmund Hillary achieved that feat AFTER Hillary Diane Rodham was born in Chicago, Illinois.  
Then there's that pesky description of her landing at an airport in Bosnia, under heavy artillery attack.  Never. Happened,  
Leaving the White House in 2001, "dead broke", and needing to steal from that residence about $200,000 worth of American property;   the ongoing email saga, from her days at the State Department; her sudden Southern accent, whenever she speaks before Southern audiences, or in front of African American audiences, either one;  the FACT that she was fired in 1973 from the DEMOCRATIC-edged prosecution team against President Richard Nixon, 
FOR LYING, AND SUBVERTING THE FACTS, even as a young Communist sympathizer~~~
her relationship with Huma Abadin, the Muslim Brotherhood advocate-ho; 
and all of the dead people left in her path to power.
Her obvious health problems
Her tell-tale, sudden, off-the-scale Temper
Her obsession with money for favors (going all the way back to Little Rock, Arkansas in the 1980s)
Her vengeance against political opponents ( the 900 FBI files that she requested on politicians after she became First Lady)
Her Blackmail list against political opponents ( the 900 FBI files that she requested on politicians after she became First Lady)


But I believe in a Fervent, Just God, Who applies His justice, in the form of Karma, upon everyone, including His rival for His throne in Heaven, Hillary Clitnon.  And I believe that Almighty God will remember us Christians in this, the final throes of American National health, and Cause Hillary to be more and more exposed as the lying sycophant, the carpet-bagging former N.Y. Senator from Arkansas/Illinois, for that which she really, really, really and truly is:

A SICK, FEEBLE, ELDERLY, POWER HUNGRY WOMAN, WHOSE fantasies of unbridled power
and countless piles of money and riches have poisoned her so,
yet not to death, 
but literally to the brink of taking down the greatest nation in the history of the Earth, all for her own historic glory, and for nothing more than that.

The challenge of a Hillary Presidency is an option given by God Almighty-- So Choose Wisely.

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