Thursday, August 25, 2016

Welcome to Tampa, Candidates

Yesterday, Donald Trump held a yuge rally at the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa.

According to their website, the arena where the candidate will speak can hold up to 9,600 people.

The St. Petersburg Times reported that Senator Bernie Sanders held a rally there in the spring which attracted 9,000.

Then, Hillary Clinton held a rally there in July; however I can find no reporting of the size of the crowd that she attracted.  That information may be a classified secret, so naturally, only the Russians
know for sure.

   (But you know me, I am never defeated... I'm Choctaw)
So what I've done here below, is taken a portion of the Clinton rally held at the Florida State Fairgrounds on July 22, 2016 -- Only a portion~!! 97 seconds, in fact -- to gauge the size of her audience, based upon both camera angle sights, and also the crowd noise reaction to her introduction:

And compared it to a similar portion of today's Trump introduction in the same hall.


In fact, night before last, in Austin, Texas, Mr. Trump held a rally at the Luedecke Arena (capacity up to 9,500), and by this photo taken from behind the podium, the place looks packed, for real:

Last of all, a huge rally in Jackson, Mississippi last night, Mr. Trump and special guest, Nigel Farage, spoke before an estimated 11,000 at the Mississippi Coliseum, and blew the roof off the place.

I've been thinking alot about the size of the audiences of the two candidates lately....
The Clinton campaign usually holds rallies in High School gymnasiums, like this one at John Marshall HS, in Cleveland, Ohio recently....  a Google maps inspection of the (ghost) high school in question reveals a dismal optic:

Love the parking lot, in the Lawyers' football field~!!
Yeah, that's right; the John Marshall fighting Lawyers.  ~Perfect.

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